4 pensamientos en “"LAS PALABRAS ESTÁN MUERTAS"

  1. Well, the chillout music rhythm, and the repetition of words, together with the mechanical element of reproduction on video&computer… they sure emphasize the message about the free-floating and abstract quality of words! Nonetheless, I think that most of what is relevant in our experience can be expressed in words, especially by specially gifted people. But by anyone, really, if we really try. Obstacles to communication come from people's relationships, mistrust, self-protection, whatever… not from language.

    Me gusta

  2. My own view was rather pessimistic not so long ago so as to think that communication was simply impossible. In spite of the encyclopedic aim to fix the actual meaning of words, the inevitable personal connotations of any statement transforms communication into a form of effortful translation in which no single meaning can be taken for granted. It is not just the free-floating abstract quality of words but a positive untransferability of meaning as we passively “translate” sentences and words of “the other” into our own very personal universe. Right now I still believe that effortful translation is needed but I have a spark of hope that it may allow understanding after all, in the sense of under standing what “the other” is trying to say. A hope that I very much owe to Luisa, I might add 😉

    Me gusta

  3. wow, a frightful responsibility, but thank you once again."effortful translation" ;), a hard task, indeed, but as fantastic as a journey called “rumbo a lo desconocido”. as mysterious as a way to find myself with-in “the other”. as insightful as your “under –standing” that reminds me of Homo erectus, able to create a world in the size of his erectibilidad ;), erigiéndolo erguido, supported in their ability to communicate through language (?)http://www.taringa.net/posts/apuntes-y-monografias/8541376/El-Primer-Hombre—Homo-Erectus–.htmlhttp://neanderthalis.blogspot.com/2009/02/los-homo-erectus-no-podian-hablar.html

    Me gusta


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